I wrote and shabbily drew just over 200 issues of single-panel gag comic ‘Ocular Trauma’ from 2004-2005. Issue 105 of Ocular Trauma was ‘Find x’, which went on to become a forwarded-everywhere meme when memes were real memes. The original image is so simple and has such a folkloric vibe about it that (a) people believe it’s been around forever (I published it on July 13, 2005) and (b) folks don’t realise the comic ever had an author.

WARNING! Ocular Trauma probably rates an MA15+. Expect to encounter profane language, cartoon depictions of gore and sex or general "tastelessness" on any page of the Ocular Trauma website.


Wade Clarke’s ‘Find x’ comic at oculartrauma.net
Ocular Trauma Homepage (mostly broken right now – I'm in the process of repairing it)