May 2016

– To celebrate the inaugural week, I'm putting my 8-bit interactive fiction meets survival horror meets CRPG hybrid, Leadlight Gamma, on sale from May 9–14 with a pile of bonus content that's only available this week: 40 scanned pages of handwritten design material and three alt and inbetween Belinda illustrations. None of this stuff has been released before in any incarnation of the game or on its websites. And once week ends, the extra stuff is going back offline.

Click this sentence for the game link
Click this sentence for the sale link and more sale details

The video above shows 89 Leadlight game research images in 20 seconds and is set to
Girls from the Leadlight Gamma soundtrack.

April 2016

– I’ve just released the Aeriae track that I used to open my 2014 live sets: She’s No Heart. It’s a mashup/remix of one of my favourite bands, Qarpa, from Ukraine. Specifically it uses samples from their tracks Небо (from the album Lo-Fi TRавми (2005)), Кирі-ян and No Logo (both from the album Kurva Cum Back (2004)). The video I’ve cut is a mashup of Qarpa clips and concert footage. My thanks go to Qarpa, Qarpa fans and everyone who appeared in, filmed, or otherwise helped create or produce the footage used to make it. Thanks also to Julian Grodzicky and Svitlana Yakovenko who translated Ukrainian lyrics for my understanding.

With Qarpa’s kind blessings, I’m making the track available as a free download. It’s on
Bandcamp (stream online, or download in any format) and SoundCloud (stream online, or download as FLAC).

February 2016

– Aeriae is now on Twitter.
– I just released a room recording of my June 2012 Aeriae set. You can
SoundCloud the whole or BandCamp separate tracks.

September 2015
– Work is well advanced on a new Aeriae EP. It's based on my Victris live set.

July 17, 2015

– I did a 30 minute interview about my game Leadlight Gamma for
IndieSider #26. The video starts with an 8 minute overview of the game.

April 9, 2015
– I released
Leadlight Gamma, my new interactive fiction horror adventure game, and the soundtrack to go with it. Check out the reviews at Adventure Gamers, Gamerz Unite and IFDB.

August 25, 2014
– I released my second album as Aeriae,
Victris. Read reviews of Victris at Cyclic Defrost and Chain D.L.K.

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