I produce and perform electronic music as Aeriae. My latest release is the 28-minute DE, which is comped from several live takes of my September 2017 Melbourne set:
My second-latest release is the EP Peril Triage (reviews: Igloo Magazine, Cyclic Defrost) which came out on 21 March 2017 and is available via all the usual digital outlets, including but not limited to!.. AmazonBandcamp (24-bit FLAC) – iTunesSpotifyTidal
My Wade Clarke Bandcamp page hosts some of my non-Aeriae material; soundtracks I’ve composed for games, remixes I've done of videogame soundtracks et al.
I am the Milo half of improvisational duo Thallium & Milo. Investigate our long-form music on
– our YouTube channel, which carries all our tracks. Especially the long ones, which is most of them.
– our
Bandcamp page, which hosts our shorter to medium length tracks. They can be bought there in lossless format.
– our
SoundCloud page, which hosts a rotation of long and short tracks. You can download them as mp3s.