I studied digital audio production at UTS as part of my filmmaking major. Outside of my music-making, I have created FX and music for numerous indie computer and video games. My gaming experience stretches from the 8-bit Apple II computers and coin-ops of the 1980s to the present. I started off in the time before games were designed by teams, but I also understand the interplay of roles in a game design team. I have been in every role at one time or another, and I’ve produced many whole games myself. My audio and music goal is always to do what I think will be best for a particular game.

Sound Design, Music Composition, Audio Editing, Mixing, Picture Editing

Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reaktor, Max For Live, Final Cut Pro X, Inform 7

The videos on this page showcase various games, music clips and shorts for which I produced all of the sound and music.