I studied digital audio production at UTS as part of my filmmaking major. Today my focus is on computer/video game soundtracks. I have created FX and music for numerous indie games, and my gaming experience stretches all the way from 8-bit Apple II computers and 1980s coin-ops to the present. I understand the interplay of roles in a game design team; I have been in every role at one time or another, and I’ve produced many whole games myself. I also compose, produce and perform electronic music as Aeriae, and there is inevitably a cross fertilisation of skills, ideas and aesthetics between my game music and my pure music. My goal is always to do what I think will be best for a particular game.

Sound Design, Music Composition, Audio Editing, Mixing, Picture Editing

Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Reaktor, Max For Live, Final Cut Pro X, Inform 7, Game Salad

The videos on this page showcase various games, music clips and shorts for which I produced all of the sound and music. (Leave the pointer over a thumbnail to see that video’s title)
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